Extreme Impacts

Exercise the Unexpected
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Case Studies

National Security Threats
Evaluation of complex co-ordination across broad whole of government stakeholder groups and tiered executive committee decision making. Testing the intersection between members of the government, policy and response and recovery agency portfolios.

Capability Development and Investment
Assessment and development of investment strategies and capability development programs to mitigate the impacts of extreme risks.

Natural Disaster Emergency Management
Examine strategic decision support and situation awareness, alignment and coherence of stakeholder specific perspectives of impacts.

Facilities Emergency Planning and Exercise Assessments
Testing emergency plans and disaster recovery procedures. Assess business continuity, recovery and service obligations. 

International High Consequence Threat Management
Multi-national projects exploring issues arising from cross-border threats and trans-national terrorist activity. Low likelihood, high consequence threat management with a particular focus on diplomatic affairs and sovereign concerns. 

Social Media Brand and Reputation Attacks
Gauging the co-ordination between senior management, marketing, product management and ICT to respond to threats to reputation and product sentiment via social media. 

Public Communications and Information Management
Exploring many aspects of public communications from executive leadership and image to cross-stakeholder messaging consistency, legal liabilities, public safety and emergency alerts, to public media liaison.

Product Quality Failures
Understanding the potential damage and preparedness to respond to genuine and misrepresented product safety issues.  

Financial Fraud and Governance Failures
Exploring the potential fallout from internal governance issues and fraud by employees and Directors.

Competitive Information Leaks
Evaluate risk exposure and response from industrial espionage and staff moving to competitors.

Industrial Accidents
Consideration of community impacts and stakeholder management capabilities, co-operation with government agencies. Preparedness for chemical hazards, response and recovery from radiological and chemical incidents.

Communicable Disease and Health Risks
Large scale pandemic discussion exercises, assessment of logistic response capabilities for immunisation and treatment. 

Technology Security Breaches
Estimating the potential impacts of hacking, denial of service and data loss. Interaction between IT operations, security, legal, public relations and strategic executive decision support.  

Program Delivery Failures
Extreme operational risk exercises reflecting on the mitigation of potential damage to revenue, reputation and morale caused by catastrophic failures in change management, system implementation and strategic acquisitions.