Extreme Impacts

Exercise the Unexpected
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Developing capabilities to deal with the impacts of extreme risks and unexpected opportunities

"You've got to talk about change every second of the day." That's a bit of an extreme position, but maybe extreme is what wins.
John Kotter in The Heart of Change, quoting Jack Welch

In an increasingly connected world, an unexpected incident can quickly lead to a major crisis or opportunity. While traditional risk management techniques can help mitigate against likely issues, rare and unexpected threats and opportunities are often ignored. 

Extreme impacts arise from extreme risks, where the probability of an event may be low but the consequences are high. 

In the past, extreme risks were largely the concern of governments and re-insurance organisations.

Today, every organisation faces the prospect of having to deal with high consequence events on a number of fronts including extreme climate events, market fluctuations, security breaches, product liability, brand and reputation attacks.

The key to developing capabilities to deal with these events and respond to their extreme impacts is to exercise the unexpected. While you can never prepare for every possible event, you can become more adept at dealing with the issues which arise in every crisis.

By practicing your response to plausible, engaging and realistic scenarios, you invest in a form of insurance to mitigate against the risk of extreme impacts while improving the quality of day to day decision making.

Our services enhance risk intelligence to offer returns in short term profitability and long term viability. By moving thinking from 'what-if' questions to 'how-to' actions, executive decision makers and teams learn to develop innovative approaches to deal with unexpected threats and take advantage of new opportunities.

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